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Home of the 1st Aviation Brigade, The 1st Aviation Brigade commands 3 distinctly different battalions, each with a unique mission. These are the 1st Battalion, 13th Aviation Regiment; the 1st Battalion, 145th Aviation Regiment; and the 1st Battalion, 210th Aviation Regiment. The 1st Aviation Brigade's primary mission is to train and develop future aviation war-fighting leaders.

Home of the U.S. Army Aviation Training Center. Ft Rucker AL, were you learn that "Takeoffs are Optional and Landings are Mandatory"

We have a Coast Guard Station, set upon the 3rd level. 3 sims across with an Offshore Rig, Wind Turbo with a heli pad on top and the ACFT Carrier JFK.

A Low level Terrain NOE course set on the main sims. Starting out at the Dustoff pad. Bring your helicopters or any ACFT and try it out. With obstetrical and man made hazards. this will surely make flying interesting for you.

Home to the VC - VPA Channell Group Located on Seahorse Island

Built this Airbase for fun and play, Its set up for Army Helicopter School trainees, Slops, Ridge tops two landing strips for Autorotations and a confined area to try out your skills. Come on over and bring your ACFT and check it out.

Come practice your launch and retrival skills on the JFK. Take off from here and fly down to many runways below. Look around below deck while you are takihg a break.

for "swift boats " with waterways and obstacles to test your ablities if you like being close to the shore line. With a "dust-off " helipad and medic station in the sticks. Part of the same 3 simms to test your low and slow helciopter abilites with plenty of obstacles.

Cy's Hangar @ 21 meters

Standing mext to Puff the Magic Dragon (call sign Spooky). Ready to go rain some "firey hell" down on the enemy. 3 simms for flying.

Ric built this shop to do what he likes to do best, building custom bikes for people that enjoy motorcycles. Ric and I would love to talk bikes with you, so come on over, give us a hand and I wll have coffee waiting. As a small recognition to our military, R&R has built military bikes for each service, come and check out out the shop and the quality. Ric will also do custom fitting to suit yor avatars needs.

Mother Rucker is home to the Legacy Vets & Viet Nam Vets Groups.

Legacy Vets si a group to recognize Vets from around the world who served in the military